Welcome to The Traveling Shopaholic, your go-to source for all things travel and shopping. My mission is to provide you with the latest travel products, fashion finds, and gear reviews as well as tips to make your trips more enjoyable. I am passionate about exploring the world and sharing my experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts. Join our growing community today and start planning your next adventure!

About The Traveling Shopaholic

The Traveling Shopaholic was founded as a passion project in 2023. I am a lifelong travel-obsessed elder millennial who loves discovering and testing new travel-focused products, fashion finds, and gadgets.

I developed intense burnout as a healthcare provider over the past several years and finally found excitement again in creating The Traveling Shopaholic Facebook group. Building this site/blog as a tool for that community has been an amazing creative outlet. I'm so happy you're here to follow along!

Together, the group and I offer tips on packing and share helpful travel hacks. We collectively find what's new in travel fashion, gear, health, and beauty products to make your next adventure even better.

I am committed to providing enjoyable and engaging travel advice and recommendations to my fellow adventure enthusiasts. Join our fabulous, growing Facebook community for more tips and cool finds!