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This little tip can come in handy in a multitude of ways!!


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6/5/20232 min read

The Amazing Alcohol Pad

As a healthcare provider, I often have cleanliness and germs at the forefront of my brain (for better or worse!). I remember pre-Covid times dutifully packing my sanitizing wipes and wiping down every surface in my corner of the plane (much to my husband's embarrassment, ha!)

Another thing I never ever leave home without (I carry one in my pocket and a stash in my purse at all times, not just when traveling) are the wee but mighty Alcohol Prep Pads. If I had a dime for every time these have come in handy while out and about....I'd be in Bezos territory ;)

These are so handy for cleaning smaller items like pens, earphones, keys, credit cards etc...as well as giving your PHONE a quick wipe down (phones are filthy!!). I also wiped the top of every soda can when I was traveling through Central America. They can also work as a hand cleanser in a pinch.

Even more amazing, these incredible little pads can be used for nausea! Who else has been on a bumpy bus ride along a winding road in the middle of nowhere when that dreaded bubble guts feeling starts to creep in? Take one of these, open it and hold it 2 inches from your nose and sniff the pad. Several studies have shown how effective this is, even when compared to common anti-nausea medications (here is one article about this magical power). Fun fact: I responded to a medical emergency on an airplane last year and the alcohol pad I had in my purse helped the person more than anything they had in the airplane medical kit. How cool!

You can find a pack of alcohol swabs at most pharmacies or online here.

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