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Just because you are out on the road, doesn't mean you can neglect those pearly whites!


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6/15/20235 min read

Essential Travel Dental Products: Maintain Your Oral Hygiene On the Go!

When embarking on an exciting journey, it's crucial to prioritize your oral health. Neglecting dental hygiene while traveling can lead to discomfort and potential dental problems down the road...also, nobody loves bad breath ;)

To ensure you maintain that radiant smile throughout your adventures, I've compiled a list of travel dental products that are convenient, effective, and a few eco-friendly options. From compact toothbrushes to innovative toothpaste tablets, these dental essentials will keep your oral hygiene in check wherever your wanderlust takes you!

  1. Best Manual Compact Travel Toothbrush: For those who prefer the simplicity and reliability of a manual toothbrush, the following options are perfect for travel:

a) Colgate Max Fresh Wisp Disposable Mini Toothbrush: These compact toothbrushes are pre-pasted and disposable, making them ideal for travel. No water or toothpaste required—simply brush, rinse, and dispose of the brush. I don't make a habit of using these given the disposable nature, but if I'm in a pinch, I do have a stash of these in my travel bag. They are especially refreshing and convenient after a LONG flight!

b) Dr. Plotka's Mouthwatchers Travel Toothbrush: Featuring antimicrobial silver infused bristles and a folding design, this toothbrush effectively removes plaque while protecting against bacterial growth. The foldable feature keeps the bristles clean and compact, fitting easily into your travel bag.

  1. Best Electric Travel Toothbrush: If you're a fan of electric toothbrushes, don't fret! Here are two travel-friendly options that provide the same level of oral care as their full-sized counterparts:

a) Philips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush: This electric toothbrush offers superior plaque removal and gum care with its sonic technology and 2 minute timer. With a slim, lightweight design and sleek carrying case, it's perfect for travelers seeking the benefits of an electric toothbrush on the go. The battery can last up to 30 days on a single charge and when it's drained, charge it back up with the included USB cord. I have and LOVE this toothbrush for travel!

b) Quip Electric Toothbrush: Designed with a travel case that doubles as a mirror mount and a two-minute timer, this electric toothbrush ensures a thorough cleaning session while on the road. No need to carry a charging cord, this takes a AAA battery and boasts a 3 month lifespan before you need to replace the battery.

  1. Eco-Friendly Toothbrush: If you're passionate about reducing plastic waste and embracing eco-friendly alternatives, consider the following toothbrush options for sustainable dental care:

a) Brush, by Bite Toothbrush: Made from 100% plant based items including a bamboo handle and castor bean bristles, along with a detachable design for compact storage and transport, this is an excellent choice for the eco-conscious traveler.

b) Brush with Bamboo: This brand offers 100% biobased toothbrushes made from bamboo, including biodegradable castor bean bristles. They also package their products in eco-friendly materials, making them an excellent choice for conscious travelers.

  1. Floss Options: Because we ALL floss...RIGHT? If you're looking to up your boring floss game on the road, make it easy with these top recommended flossing products:

a) Mini Portable Water Flosser: For those that prefer a water pick style flosser, this portable option is great for travel! It fits in the size of your hand, has a 30 day battery life off of a 4 hour charge and has 3 cleaning modes.

b) Floss Pick Portable Dispenser: Floss pics are convenient for on the go flossing. This compact holder keeps them organized and handy for travel.

c) CocoFloss Woven Dental Floss: Dentist designed, free of toxic ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free and with a refillable container....what's not to love?

  1. Best Toothpaste Tablets: Toothpaste tablets provide a compact and mess-free alternative to traditional toothpaste tubes. Here are two popular options for travel:

a) Bite Toothpaste Bits: These toothpaste tablets come in recyclable glass jars and are available in various refreshing flavors. They're ideal for travelers seeking a waste-free and TSA-compliant dental care solution.

b) Superbee Dentos Zero Waste Toothpaste Tabs: These tabs are packaged in cute little reusable tins of varying sizes. The same idea as above...pop one into your mouth, chew it into a paste and brush away! No liquids to worry about :)

BONUS: One group member suggests squeezing dots of toothpaste onto parchment paper and leaving them on your counter to dry out. You can dust with a little baking soda if they still seem sticky. Then place the dots into a baggie or tin and you have your own toothpaste tablets!

Maintaining proper dental hygiene while traveling is essential for overall well-being. With the right travel dental products, you can keep your teeth clean, gums healthy, and smile radiant throughout your adventures. Whether you prefer manual or electric toothbrushes, eco-friendly alternatives, or innovative toothpaste tablets, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs. Don't forget to smile for those travel pics!

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