My Obsession with On Shoes

With multiple pairs of these Swiss beauties, it's fair to say...I'm obsessed!


The Traveling Shopaholic

5/17/20232 min read

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I learned about On shoes from my husband who swore by them! Luckily, we almost have the same size foot so I was able to test them out before committing...ha!

Well, 4 pairs later, it's safe to say...I LOVE THEM!! I have worn them as a healthcare worker during long shifts on my feet, hiking down slippery rocks in Ecuador, rushing across cobblestone streets in Europe and walking along a sandy coast in the Galapagos. They are by far my favorite travel shoe!

The On Cloud 5 are my go to shoes. They are comfortable right out of the box and require no breaking in (other reviews have noted this as well!). I love the airy design, which seems to make them lighter than other shoes I've owned. The slip on shoelaces that come with them are great for quick off and on but feel snug and secure on the foot.

The water resistant version of the On Cloud 5 worked perfectly in rainy UK. My feet stayed warm and dry without getting sweaty in different climates.

I really do wish I had some cons to share with you....but I really can't think of many! They are on the pricey side at ~$140, but I am a firm believer in quality. ESPECIALLY when it comes to footwear!

You've been warned...the obsession is REAL :)