Plane Kit

Check out this tip for staying organized and comfortable on those long flights!


The Traveling Shopaholic

5/2/20231 min read

Try this "hack" to make your next long haul flight a little more comfortable.

This is a method I've used for years on long flights. I keep a "go bag" of sorts with all of the things I think I might need during the flight contained on a large carabiner clip (with attached hanging clip to hang on the seat back pocket or armrest- This is similar to the one I use).

Included in my kit:

  • My UV water bottle

  • Neck Pillow (This is my favorite one)

  • Earphones

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A small zippered pouch with earplugs, a tiny toothbrush/paste or these, tiny hand lotion, lip balm, eye mask and alcohol swabs (trust me! They are handy for so many things!)

Having all of these items right in front of me keeps me comfortable and prevents me from getting up to access my bag (or even having to dig in my under seat bag) multiple times throughout the flight.

Keeping it attached to the carabiner keeps everything organized and this way I make sure I won't forget anything! I can quickly clip it to my backpack when getting off/on the plane.

I will try just about anything to make those 10 hour flights just a little bit more comfortable!

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