Review: Goodr Sunglasses

Sunnies that slay without breaking the bank! ;)


The Traveling Shopaholic

6/3/20233 min read

Anyone else out there prone to losing their sunglasses pretty routinely?? Or too nervous to travel with those splurge pricey pairs? Well, fret no more because I've got you! Allow me to introduce you to Goodr sunglasses—the sunnies that are as affordable as avocado toast and as durable as your favorite pair of joggers. My husband came across this brand while he was training for a triathlon and I became hooked. The brand itself is very cool (just take a look around their clever and witty website), their customer service is also top notch.

First things first, let's talk about pricing. These beauties are designed for people like us who want to look stylish while still having money left over for those unforgettable adventures. At $25-35 a pair, you won't need to choose between that delicious oat milk latte or having a pair of fabulous sunnies. Treat yo' self!

Now, the durability factor. We've all been there—standing on a picturesque cliff, wind blowing through our hair, and then whoosh! Our sunglasses decide it's time for a gravity-defying leap into the abyss. Well, fear not, these babies are built to withstand all the travel madness we throw at them. From hiking to biking, beach bumming to city exploring, Goodr sunglasses will stay put, they won't slip or bounce and can withstand the elements. So go ahead and chase waterfalls (or stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to), conquer mountains, or simply strut through the streets with your shades on—they'll be OK!

The other thing I found helpful was the variety of sizing options. I have a rather large cranium (bigger brain?? ha!) and am always a little hesitant to buy frames online for fear that they'll be too tight. Thankfully they offer a larger size than some popular brands. I have the regular size as well and they're fine but I like the oversized look as well!

The style factor! Goodr sunglasses bring the heat when it comes to fashion. They offer a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and patterns that are sure to make a statement. There are traditional frames and more modern styles. Whether you want to channel your inner boho chic vibes or unleash your wild and adventurous spirit, there's a pair of Goodr sunnies waiting to become your ultimate travel companion.

My recap: Goodr sunglasses are affordable, durable, available in different sizes, and oh-so-fashionable. They're designed for all of my fellow travelers who refuse to compromise on style or your hard-earned dollars.

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