Review: My Favorite Toiletry Bag

This bag has it all! Check out my review of this eBags classic.


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9/29/20234 min read

I love this topic....I love this BAG!! I know the importance of staying organized on the road. One of my favorite travel accessories that has truly stood the test of time is the eBags Classic Pack-It Flat Toiletry Kit. Over the past 10 years, I am now on my second one. It's a true favorite! Check out some of my favorite features below...

Pack-It Flat Convenience: First things first, the eBags Classic Large Toiletry Kit boasts a unique "Pack-It Flat" feature that is an absolute game-changer. When you prioritize carry on only (or just efficient packing!), space in your suitcase or backpack is precious. That's where this toiletry kit truly shines. Thanks to its ingenious design, it lays flat in your luggage, saving you valuable space. It lays perfectly across my carry on bag and slides easily into my backpacks.

Thoughtful Compartments: This toiletry kit is like Mary Poppins' bag – it's deceptively spacious! Inside, you'll find multiple compartments and pockets, each designed with the savvy traveler in mind. There's a large main compartment for your bulkier items (I personally put my glasses case, contacts, deodorant and a couple eye masks on this main compartment), a small zippered mesh pouch (I put my shaver in here) and a fold over mirror and pouch (I put contact case and eye drops in here). There are also three side pouches. One has a waterproof lining (great for toothbrush/dental hygiene products) and the other two are super versatile. I have a hairbrush/comb and hair care items in one side and miscellaneous items in the other (alcohol pads, tweezers, facial roller, lip balm, nail clipper etc). Plus, one of my favorite features is the hanging hook. This makes it super convenient to access your essentials in cramped bathrooms or tight spaces and fees up precious counter space.

Affordable Price Tag: One of the standout features of the eBags Classic Toiletry Kit is its affordability. In an age where travel gear can break the bank, this kit offers incredible value for your money. You get a high-quality, durable product without emptying your wallet. At the time of writing this, the Classic bag ranges from $16.99 to $27.99 depending on color.

Built to Last: Durability is a must when it comes to travel gear, and this bag does not disappoint. Crafted from Nylon material, this kit can withstand the bumps and bruises of travel. The zippers are sturdy, and the material is easy to clean and it's lightweight – all essential qualities for a toiletry kit. My bag has been all over the world, tossed around and looks brand new! The only reason I upgraded from my older one is because I wanted this color (ha!).

Cons: I must say...I don't have many complaints when it comes to this bag. If I'm to be extremely picky, I would say the mirror is pretty small and has scratched a bit with (a lot of) use. I also only use the plastic lined (waterproof) lining for my toothbrush and paste, so it seems larger than what I would need. Would be great if you were putting other larger liquids in this space.


This bag comes in two sizes. Classic and Large. I have the classic and it seems like the perfect size for any length trip really. The only real difference is the depth of each space.

Classic Measurements:

  • Overall: 2.25" x 14" x 9.25".

  • Four separate compartments: each 2.25"d x 9.25"w

  • Center section is 7.75" wide

  • Weight: 0.30 lbs

Large Measurements:

  • Overall: 3.5" x 14" x 9.2".

  • Four separate compartments: each 3.5"d x 9.25"w

  • Center section is 7.75" wide

  • Weight: 0.65 lbs

    For me, this bag checks all the boxes: pack-it flat convenience/space saving design, well-thought-out compartments, affordability and durability. Happy travels! 🌍✈️

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