Review: UV Water Bottle

The item that started it all.


The Traveling Shopaholic

6/17/20233 min read

It goes without saying that staying hydrated while on the road is vital...however, there are times where a clean water source may not be available. After a LOT of research, I invested in this UV water bottle by Crazy Cap and it has changed the travel game for me. It is also the inspiration behind The Traveling Shopaholic! People on the road would ask about this bottle and I would spout off the details and wonders of this magical bottle and thought...I should find a way to spread the word about this (and other travel items I adore!). The rest is history ;)

OK...back to the bottle. As a healthcare worker, I am a bit of a germaphobe at this gadget was right up my alley. The bottle itself it a double walled stainless steel bottle that keeps beverages cold for 24 hours. The real magic is in the cap. With the UV-C LED built in cap, it purifies the water and has been proven to have a 99.99999% kill rate for E.coli in testing. It also kills multiple other types of bacteria and viruses (learn more about how HERE)

How does it work? You fill up the bottle, place the cap on the bottle and tap the top with your finger until the light turns blue. The purifying cycle lasts 1 minute and then water is safe to drink. The cap also provides self cleaning of the bottle/water inside by automatically running a 20 second light cycle every four hours. This prevents that musty stink some bottles can get if you don't hand wash frequently.

A single charge will last 7 days, so there is no need to constantly recharge, although they have made it easy with a charging piece that fits over the top of the cap. It is leakproof, making it a great portable option. This is also a zero waste option for travel and hiking/camping, way better for the planet and your wallet than plastic bottles or water purification systems the require a filter.

Read more about the incredible technology and scientific research that went into testing this item HERE.

Speaking on a personal note, I used this bottle all over Central and South America. I was drinking water out of bathroom sinks in the middle of Ecuador with NO issues...I am a true believer. I think this bottle is 100% worth the cost and will never stop talking about it! I have also given these bottles as gifts (so friends and family, act surprised when you get one on your next birthday....Ha)

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