The Favorite Carry-On Suitcases

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6/10/20235 min read

an orange piece of luggage sitting on top of a sidewalk
an orange piece of luggage sitting on top of a sidewalk

The Hunt for the Perfect Carry-On

Are you ready to jet off on your next adventure, but find yourself perplexed by the world of carry-on suitcases? Fear not! We've got your back(pack) ;). Below are the best carry-on suitcases that'll take your travel game to the next level as voted by The Traveling Shopaholic Facebook group! After additional research, I've compiled pros and cons and placed them into popular categories. So buckle up (or rather, buckle in) and let's dive into the world of carry on favorites!

  1. Best Hardshell Carry-On: Sleek and Solid

Pros: Hardshell suitcases offer excellent protection for your precious belongings. They're resistant to rough handling, ensuring that your favorite dress doesn't end up in a crumpled mess. Plus, they're water-resistant, making them ideal for dodging unexpected drizzles or accidental coffee spills.

Cons: Although hardshell suitcases excel in protection, they tend to be less flexible in terms of packing capacity. That extra pair of shoes might be a squeeze, and you'll need to make strategic choices when it comes to organizing your goodies.

Winner: Away "The Bigger Carry-On"

With its sleek design and durability, the Away "The Bigger Carry-On" takes the crown. It offers smart compartments for efficient organization, a sturdy exterior that can withstand the chaos of the airport carousel should you need to check it, and it even features a built-in USB charger for on-the-go charging.

Runner Up: Monos Carry On Plus

*My personal favorite! The telescoping handle is super smooth and tall enough for me at 5'11. The storage is well thought out and it rolls effortlessly!

  1. Best Soft-Sided Carry-On: Flexible and Fabulous

Pros: Soft-sided suitcases are like your travel BFFs—they're flexible, adaptable, and always ready to squeeze in that extra outfit. They often come with expandable compartments, allowing you to stuff in those irresistible souvenirs you couldn't resist snagging.

Cons: While soft-sided suitcases are great at maximizing space, they may not provide as much protection against rough handling or unexpected spills. However, with proper care, your belongings will still be in good hands.

Winner: Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-On

The Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-On is all about combining style with functionality. Its lightweight four-wheel design ensures smooth rolling, and the expandable capacity allows you to pack in a little extra. Crafted from lightweight and durable polyester fabric, this carry-on promises to be your faithful travel companion for many journeys to come. Comes in multiple sizes and colors.

Runner Up: Travelpro Platinum Elite 21" Carry On

This bag is the epitome of travel sophistication. With its durable construction, convenient organization features, and effortless maneuverability, it's the perfect companion for any traveler. I have the 19" and it's great for short trips! Rolls like a DREAM

  1. Underseat/mini carry on: Compact and Efficient

Pros: Quality mini/underseat carry-ons are the chameleons of the suitcase world—they adapt to the requirements of different airlines, saving you from the hassle of checking in your luggage and in some cases can, act as a personal item. These suitcases are designed to fit most airline size restrictions, allowing you to travel stress-free.

Cons: While underseat/mini carry-ons are designed to be versatile, they might not have the capacity to fit everything you desire for longer trips. If you're a heavy packer, you might need to prioritize and downsize a bit.

Winner: Calpack Hue mini carry on

This suitcase is a compact travel essential that packs a punch. With its stylish design, sturdy construction, and convenient organizational features, it's the perfect bag for short trips or as a personal item

Runner Up: Samsonite Underseat Carry-On Spinner

The compact size, sleek design, and versatile features of this bag make it a perfect fit for stowing under the seat in front of you, while still providing ample storage space and easy access to your essentials throughout your journey.

  1. Best Two-Wheeled Carry-On: Roll with Style

Pros: Two-wheeled carry-ons are a classic choice, offering easy maneuverability on different terrains. Whether you're weaving through busy streets or rolling over uneven surfaces, these trusty companions will keep up with your fast-paced adventures.

Cons: Two-wheeled carry-ons might require a bit more effort to navigate through crowded spaces or over curbs. The absence of four wheels limits the suitcase's ability to glide effortlessly beside you.

Winner: Nomatic Navigator Carry-On 37L

This bag is a game-changer for the modern traveler seeking both style and functionality. With its innovative design, expandable interior (37L to 44L), durable materials, and smart organization features, this bag is a true workhorse that will keep you organized and on the move, making it a top choice for jet-setters and adventurers alike.

Runner Up: Osprey Ozone 2-wheel Carry-on 40L

This bag boasts an ultralight aluminum frame, making it very lightweight. Followers love the external pockets to stay organized.

Conclusion: Ready to embark on your next adventure? Armed with the best carry-on suitcases in the game, you can now conquer the world with style and confidence. Whether you opt for the sleek protection of a hardshell or the flexible charm of a soft-sided suitcase, there's a perfect match for every travel-savvy millennial woman out there. So pack your dreams and hit the road, because the world is waiting to be explored—one carry-on at a time! Bon voyage!

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