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A collection of favorite travel tips from the group and my personal favorites! This list will continue to evolve over time so check back often!


The Traveling Shopaholic

6/28/20233 min read

travel the world
travel the world

Everyone loves a good travel tip:) Whether it's a time or money saving hack, packing or safety tip, or a little trick to make your trip more enjoyable, these are some of the top tips for travel! I have included some of my personal tips and those that I've collected from The Traveling Shopaholic Facebook group. This list will continue to grow, so make sure you check back occasionally.

  • Collect the shower caps from hotels and use them as shoe covers to keep dirty shoes from touching the rest of the items in your suitcase

  • Wrap several feet of duct tape around a Sharpie or pen and keep it in your suitcase. It can come in handy for all sorts of things (I've used it to repair a shoe on the go, tape my suitcase and to cover bright obnoxious lights in hotel rooms. The uses are endless!)

  • Be prepared. Travel with a small first aid kit. (This is what I carry in mine!)

  • Keep a copy of your passport, insurance, some extra cash and a credit card in your suitcase as a back up. Also email yourself a copy and have a photo on your phone of these important documents so you have access on the go.

  • Travel with a mini fan for those extra hot days or if the plan/train/automobile is stuffy. This one is a mini fan, flashlight AND power bank

  • Bring extra zip lock baggies of various sizes in your suitcase. These can be used for so many things! Food, trinkets, even to isolate dirty or wet items in your suitcase etc.

  • Bring a collapsible tote bag. This one folds so tiny but can hold a lot!

  • Place scent beads in a sachet or a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep things smelling fresh

  • Carry alcohol wipes for everything! Click HERE to read all about these magical little wipes!

  • Use laundry sheets for on the road laundry. They are flat and packable...they also won't spill in your bag. Tear or cut off smaller pieces to wash in the sink. I love these and they work very well.

  • Bring a travel power strip. Sometimes hotels, cruise ships and other accommodations just simply don't have enough outlets for all of your gadgets! This compact design gives you 4 outlets, 2 USB and 1 USB-C plug in options

  • Create and carry your airplane kit to make long haul flights a little more comfortable

  • Take photos of your luggage and its contents in case it gets lost. This makes filing a claim with the airline or insurance a lot smoother

  • Place an AirTag in your checked luggage to track the suitcase in case it gets delayed/lost.

  • Use an app to help you adjust to local time. Timeshifter is a popular app that helps resynchronize your circadian rhythm to a new time zone.

  • If your hotel offers slippers, take them! Use them on long haul flights to stay comfy and so you aren't barefoot or going to the bathroom in your socks (ew).

  • Keep a couple of carabiners handy for clipping things to the outside of your bag or holding items together etc. Lots of uses for these!

  • Keep a few large binder clips in your bag. Great for keeping curtains closed, holding items together or for hanging items.

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